Philanthropy Rising offers a successful method of
synagogue fundraising that is personal, strategic,
professional, and rooted in Jewish values.

Philanthropy Rising understands that synagogues are unique.  They are small cities with a diverse population and a multitude of opinions and visions.  They are lay and professionally run, existing in a dance where both lead and follow.  


Philanthropy Rising is personal. We strongly believe in synagogue life. We believe that a synagogue touches lives in a unique way through life-cycle events, Jewish education, holiday celebrations, prayer and social action. In synagogue, Torah is lived and shared daily.


Philanthropy Rising is practical. We strongly believe that fundraising success comes from a carefully designed program engaging leaders, volunteers, and clergy with the guidance of consultants. This recipe ensures success, and makes fundraising a celebration of a synagogue community’s life and values.


Philanthropy Rising is timely. Synagogue life is changing. The unconditional commitment of previous generation to their synagogue is evolving into new patterns of connections and engagement. Synagogue fundraising must use new technologies and speak to the values of a new generation of congregants.


Philanthropy Rising is current. The lessons we are learning from our fractured ability to gather due to COVID-19 and our inventiveness to do so, has long-term implications to synagogue life, membership and fundraising. These lessons need to be reviewed, evaluated and many of them incorporated as we reimagine the synagogues role in the community and our congregation’s commitment to synagogues. 

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