Successful Method of Relational Fundraising

Philanthropy Rising is the culmination of 30 years of fundraising expertise by its principal, Eileen Aroesti, who has spent the last 20 years of her career working exclusively as a Synagogue Development Director in both conservative and reform congregations. The clear understanding of how synagogues think and operate comes from the day-to-day hands-on work that Eileen has done to ensure that the financial needs, above and beyond synagogue membership, are met. 

Philanthropy Rising has developed it’s successful method of relational fundraising after decades of being in the trenches, sleeves rolled-up, and heart open to congregations. Everyone working at Philanthropy Rising understands there are no shortcuts when raising funds: you must do the work, understand the challenges, overcome the issues, create the structure, design the branding and marketing, realize the strengths AND weakness of the congregation, know your donors and the overarching vision of the lay leaders to raise the funds. Through this knowledge a proper “Case for Giving” can be developed and marketed, and a “Culture of Giving” can prevail.  

Philanthropy Rising is not a one shot, one and done approach to synagogue philanthropy. Philanthropy Rising provides a blueprint of structure, materials, brochures, agenda’s and congregational analysis, plus a way of viewing philanthropy so you can continue the work of fundraising without a consulting group spearheading and continually guiding your synagogue. One of the many goals in employing Philanthropy Rising is to learn a successful method of synagogue fundraising principles and eventually continue fundraising on your own. 

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