The Campaign Plan

Deciding what you need is important and how you make it happen is paramount.  From the timeline of events, the needed materials, the committees that will be making decisions, board approval – the list goes on and on – these are the Campaign Plan.  The Campaign Plan answers those question of how, when, where, what, and why. It gives a blueprint for what is possible and how to get there.  Once a Campaign Plan is approved and in place the possibilities are endless and your guideline to fundraising is at your fingertips. Philanthropy Rising understands, through years of working in synagogues, what is possible.  Let us take a look and make your campaign plan a reality.  

Congregational Analysis

There are several tools in the marketplace to analyze your congregation’s ability to perform during a designated campaign.  Philanthropy Rising has developed a method of congregational analysis that can answer the question from the inside of the community and not from facts without content or emotion.  Ask us about how we can help you to discover the potential that is hiding within your synagogue.  

We’ll Manage This Together

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