Crisis Campaigns

Philanthropy Rising understands there are times when your synagogue world is upended. It may be for internal reasons such as the unplanned departure of a beloved clergy member, or external situations causing economic dislocations. These crisis challenges need to be addressed quickly, thoroughly and thoughtfully.  Philanthropy Rising has experience and expertise in handling issues such as these, with the right questions and the right answers to help make the best of a difficult situation.  

We are presently experiencing the COVID-19 crisis. Philanthropy rising, as a gift, has written and had published a complete Synagogue Crisis Campaign Plan that you can find under the header COVID-19 CRISIS.  There are also resources in regard to this crisis in that section that will be continually updated. 

Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign is the foundation of fundraising for the entire synagogue community. Through the mitzvah of Tzedakah, the congregation is encouraged to meet that obligation so that each congregant can benefit from the many ways that only synagogue life can offer. Philanthropy Rising answers the questions of how to educate, encourage, market, and realize the potential that is in each congregation for this vital campaign.

The Adjunct Campaign to Membership

Some call it Pillars, others call it Guardians and all call it necessary; the Adjunct Campaign to Membership.  This campaign can answer the call for scholarships, for special educational programs, or for a needed “oomph” to assist the synagogue in doing what it does best – ensure Jewish values are taught and upheld. This campaign is above and beyond membership and is in effect an investment in the success of the institution. This campaign asks those who can participate to give more than membership to synagogue life for the greater good.  It creates a surplus of funds, for those who cannot afford full membership, to participate in synagogue life and feel whole and necessary.  It can alleviate pressure to raise membership fees, which may pose a hardship to some members. The Adjunct Campaign to Membership is the unsung hero of a synagogue. Philanthropy Rising understands its importance to all involved in the congregational Kehillah (community). 

Planned Giving

Planned Giving, Legacy, or the Forever Campaign holds the future for each synagogue.  A great institution must do more than celebrate the past or recognize the present – it holds the responsibility to provide for the future.  The future of the congregation, the future of the children, the future of the grandchildren, and the future of Jewish life. The vision that has been created must be upheld, which is why a Planned Giving Campaign is necessary and important. A robust planned giving program is a key component to a synagogue’s financial future. Philanthropy Rising will partner with your synagogue to create, design, and implement your Planned Giving program which will enable donors to create the legacy for their synagogue that they have worked for tirelessly.  

Endowment Fund

Synagogues are fragile by nature. They need protection from the uncertainty of economics and to ensure the ongoing growth of the synagogue’s vision.  A gift to an Endowment Fund during one’s lifetime adds to the security of the synagogue and assures the immortality of the community.  It can help with the ever-growing budgeting needs on an annual basis and give the congregation the necessary insurance in the event of great need. A strong Endowment makes for a strong congregation.  Philanthropy Rising knows how to implement a program as delicate as this. 

#Giving Tuesday

#Giving Tuesday, is a global day of giving that was created in 2012 to unite all in a day of generosity that makes a difference in the world and can strengthen your synagogue. Fueled by the power of social media, #Giving Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to use your synagogue’s ability to gather the community for the global good and for yourself too!  Learn how you can attract your younger constituency, encourage texting (although not while driving) and have fun.  This year #Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.  Let Philanthropy Rising get you ready!  

Let’s Change The Culture Of Giving.

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