Events are the highlight reel of a fully integrated synagogue development plan. They bring about the talking points that make memories and legendary tales that are handed down from generation to generation.  Events are exactly that – a point in time when, if done right, the community smiles upon and remembers.  


The synagogues single, largest annual fundraising event is its Gala.  Whether honoring a congregant, a member of the community, or celebrating a milestone occasion, a gala brings the community together and generates significant financial support.  Yet the burden of organizing a gala can deplete a synagogue’s resources.  And too often money is left on the table. 

Philanthropy Rising can guide your organization and oversee your gala, in an in-person, virtual or hybrid of both, event format that will exceed your goals and highlight the best of your community. 

Golf Tournaments & Play Day

A Golf Tournament and Play Day bring a community together like no other casual outing.  There is something for everyone from the most passionate sportsman to the first time volunteer.  This day of togetherness, competition, laughter, eating, and enjoying one another makes for a full and rich adventure filled with memories for your synagogue community, and when done right, can be a boon to your budget!  The planning is paramount, the volunteer opportunities abound, the golf course and grounds are eye candy and the day is filled with joy.  Philanthropy Rising is a veteran in the synagogue Golf Tournament and Play Day arena. Let us plan with you and execute a day that will leave your community asking for more. 

Donor Appreciation

Donors need to feel appreciated. But this isn’t easy. Often a pro-forma thank you note can leave a donor feeling empty and neglected. How do we express appreciation, keep our donors close, and sustain their commitment to the synagogue? Philanthropy Rising will guide you to ways of sharing appreciation that keep donors engaged, celebrating their commitment to the ideals and projects of the synagogue.

Let’s Make A Memory!

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