Letters, Brochures, Invitations

When is a letter best, a brochure better or an email blast perfect?  When do you invest in a printed invitation and when do you communicate through cyberspace?  To whom do you mail materials to and by whom is it sent?  What’s enough information and what’s too much?  Who will design or write the copy and what should it say?  Philanthropy Rising has been asking these questions and coming up with the right answers for decades.  Let’s ask these questions together and make something wonderful happen. 

Messaging & Branding

You know it’s Coca Cola by the font, the colors, the style, the feel, the tenor.  The minute you see the bright red colors with a white font you know. So much so that once upon a time there were t-shirts made with the words Coca Cola printed in Hebrew on the front and everyone knew what it said – and most could not read Hebrew.  How does your synagogue community know about your fundraising? What subliminal and overt messages is your community experiencing that tells them, “It’s important, it matters?”  Philanthropy Rising can help you make your messaging clear, concise, and unforgettable. 

Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook can all be great platforms to zoom in on a particular constituency. Grandparents, millennials, the occasional congregant or the family/friends of a member being honored.  Social media is here to stay and is a necessary part of the tools needed to make your fundraising efforts successful.  Let us show you how to move the needle on this important aspect of communication to raise those dollars that spell success.


There’s no business like shul business and no better way to express the joy, excitement, importance, or the gravitas of a situation than by video to your congregation.  From annual campaigns, to galas, to local and global events that effect the Jewish community – a video can say it all and convey the emotion you are feeling about an experience. Philanthropy Rising can write, produce, film, edit, and make ready your video.  Hey, we’re from LA, it’s part of our DNA! 

We’re Listening

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