A Long Time Temple Judea Member

I met Eileen when she began as the first Development Professional at Temple Judea.  It was during a rough patch for the synagogue and Eileen was asked to meet with me to maintain my membership and my gift.  But that’s not what she did…she met with me, listened to me and over the next several months she became my liaison, concierge and friend.  Through our built relationship I was able to overcome the rough patch, maintain my good will and continue my love and support for our synagogue.  Now, many years later we still maintain our relationship, still talk synagogue shop and still work hard, in our own separate ways, in supporting synagogue life. 

I know what an asset she was to Temple Judea and now, with her at the helm of Philanthropy Rising, I know she will bring each synagogue she touches to greater financial and relational heights than they have previously experienced.  

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