Dr. Lynn Gordon

As a volunteer lay leader I have worked with many professionals in my time.  I met Eileen Aroesti during her first year of leading the development efforts when I co-chaired one of the largest fundraising events in the history of Valley Beth Shalom.  The event was complex and filled with many concerns and differing opinions. From our initial meeting and throughout my co-chairing three large synagogue events over a period of more than a decade I have watched Eileen successfully traverse many challenges.  I have learned so much from Eileen about the “Art” of synagogue fundraising and the importance of relationships within the synagogue community. 

She is dedicated, passionate, energetic, indefatigable and lively – a unique combination that allows her to succeed in her career and in life.  She brings the same attributes to Philanthropy Rising. I’m honored to provide my highest possible recommendation for Eileen Aroesti and Philanthropy Rising.

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