Michael Jacobs
President, Michael Jacobs Productions

It is my pleasure to recommend Eileen Aroesti and Philanthropy Rising. It has been my experience that Eileen succeeds in whatever she puts her efforts toward, with spectacular results.

 I have known Eileen for twenty years and during that time I have witnessed her, in the capacity of a major gifts fundraiser, organize and manage events that have brought tens of millions of dollars into the synagogue I attend. It is difficult to convince people, even in the good times, to dig deeply into their pockets, but I have watched Eileen motivate people during economic downturns. I have never seen her use that as an excuse. I have only seen her succeed.

        On about a half-dozen occasions, Eileen has recruited me to help her with the creative aspects of an event, and it has always been great fun to work with her. She has a wonderful understanding of the creative mind, being possessed of one herself, and her contributions and collaboration have always greatly enhanced the ultimate results. This makes her a multi-level asset toward any fundraising enterprise because it is easier to chase the repeat donor than to solicit new ones, but she has always known that the sustenance of any organization relies on not only keeping the old guard content, but developing new channels of contribution, and this is her prime aspiration and strongest suit. Most importantly, it is where her creativity serves her, and you, best.

          I know that any synagogue will benefit from the participation of Eileen and Philanthropy Rising and that her capabilities and passion to succeed will positively influence any endeavor that includes her involvement

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